When to Consider Invisalign

Braces have a certain social stigma attached to them in that if you’re no longer a teen, it seems like you’re “too old” to have them. Even teens don’t always embrace the idea of metal in their mouth and wish they could correct their teeth without drawing attention to the process. The best dentists like the ones at Mathis Dental offer Invisalign for the teen and adult in need of tooth straightening and correction.

When You Don’t Want to Draw Attention

With Invisalign, your teeth are straightened with clear retainer-like plastic trays. No one can see them when you’re wearing them, so you’ll still feel confident showing off your smile as you correct your teeth. Plus, you can even take them out for short periods while you eat or clean the aligners.

When You Don’t Want Scarring

Braces work, but the sharp metal components are rough on the insides of your cheeks and your gums. Over time, you build scar tissue so it no longer hurts, but if you want to avoid the pain and scarring altogether, choose Invisalign.

Schedule an appointment with Mathis and discuss all of your options when it comes to teeth correction. Invisalign may prove to be exactly what you’re looking for, and when you can rely on a dentist with expertise on the matter, you’ll be confident you’re making the right decision..