Tips for College Students Preparing to Live on Campus

Moving into a college dormitory is a big step for young people to take. This will likely be the first time that many students will be moving away from home and into a completely new environment. There are several important things to consider prior to moving into a dorm, and here are three tips to help make the transition smooth and effortless for students – as well as their parents.

1. Determine What is Most Important in a Living Situation

When an individual is preparing to move into student housing, it may be beneficial for a young person to make a list of what is most important to them for their living space. For example, some individuals enjoy living and studying in quarters that are very quiet and peaceful. Others may opt to reside in a larger home with more people – such as a sorority or a fraternity – for example. Jotting down a list of needs and wants for a college residence may be useful for identifying a good fit for student housing. Keep in mind that some universities and colleges offer single units, which could be a wonderful option for some scholars.

2. Be Mindful About Health and Well-Being

Another tip to remember before moving to student housing is to be mindful about health and well-being. Be sure to have vaccinations that are required for many student residences, for instance. Additionally, it’s vital to keep in mind that parties involving alcohol (or other substances) could be prevalent on campus. If an individual has previously suffered from (or is currently dealing with) addiction or alcohol dependence, considering a “dry” campus where alcohol is not allowed – or residing in sober living housing temporarily – could be an option to investigate until a student has recovered from any addiction issues. This opportunity may help to ensure that a student remains healthy and focused on education.

3. Visit Colleges and Universities

It may be advantageous to travel to and take a tour of every school that a prospective student is interested in attending. Seeing and experiencing the grounds may provide insight into which school – and dormitory – is the best fit for an individual.