Looking Your Best

Unless you’ve sought out the services of a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, you probably didn’t know that these types of surgeries are not considered the same thing. While both a set of surgical procedures which deal with the enhancement of people’s outward appearance, the two disciplines have different trainings and different goals which can overlap, but not necessarily.

Plastic Doesn’t Mean Barbie-doll

The training involved to become board certified plastic surgeons in NC is primarily through a medical school program during post-graduate residency. The purpose of plastic surgery is to reconstruct a person’s appearance. Some of the reasons people require this reconstruction include birth defects, burns, scars, disease and physical trauma. Some of the surgeries associated with the plastic surgery discipline include burn repair, cleft palate, scar revision, lower extremity or breasts reconstruction and hand surgery. The whole purpose of plastic surgery is the reconstruction of dysfunctional parts of the human body. This is why the discipline identifies plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery as simply different ways of saying the same thing.

Cosmetic is More Than Skin Deep

Cosmetic surgeons go through the same residency program through which plastic surgeons are trained. That may be where many people’s confusion stems. A cosmetic surgeon completes more training after his or her residency is finished, though. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery requires certifications in procedures which enhance a person’s outward appearance when there was no original damage to correct. These surgeries include breast enhancements, facial enhancements like rhinoplasty and chin or cheek enhancements, body contouring like tummy tucks and liposuction and facial rejuvenations like neck, eyelid, brow and facelifts. Cosmetic surgeons also have to learn about procedures like Botox, laser resurfacing and filler treatments.

If you’re looking towards surgery on your outward appearance, it’s important to know what kind of surgeon you’re trying to find and what qualifications they’ll have.