How to Start a Dental Practice

Whether you just got out of school or are tired of working for someone else, there are a few things you need to know before starting your own dental practice. Knowing what lies ahead before you embark on this new adventure can help set you up for success. While this is no means comprehensive, it can help get you started.


The first thing you need to do is research. Be thorough in your research. Focus on more than just the local area. You want to know the population and whether the market can handle another dentist. Find a suitable location thinking about the long-term investment. Talk with other dental providers keeping your ear out for potential challenges and obstacles that can hamper success. Research dental parts manufacturers to find the best products for the best prices to start your practice.


Like any business, your dental practice should have a thought-out business plan. Include a place for the building whether you lease or buy a location. You need to consider funding options unless you have the cash available. Employment information and human resources need to be part of your plan. Think in terms of this year, next year, five years and ten years. Consider your business plan a road map for what lies ahead. Annually review your plan to see if it still meets your business expectations and goals or whether it needs some tweaking.


As you begin planning for the big opening day, market your new business. This is a step you want to do early to help bring patients in the door that first day. There is a lot of waiting involved after you’ve planned your building specs or design of your leased space. Once the workers start, you can start interviewing prospective employees and creating a marketing campaign. Start small. Once you have a name and logo design, you can set a coming soon sign outside. Network with other practitioners nearby. If you focus on a niche such as pediatrics, speak to the local area pediatricians. You’ll be better prepared to open your doors.