How to Choose a Toothbrush

Go to the toothbrush section of a big-box store and you’re sure to be confronted by a large display of options. That’s just in the manual section, before you’ve even considered if you would prefer an electric toothbrush. The best way to make a decision for your particular oral health needs is to check with your Brooklyn NY dentist. Until you can get to your dentist, this article shares some generic guidelines.

Best Features for Most People

Most dentists recommend a toothbrush with soft bristles. This is easier on tooth enamel and gums.

Experiment with different models until you find a brush that is easy for you to hold and place in your mouth. You’ll notice that there are different options for head and handle shapes. Most people do better with smaller heads. Remember that you have to reach the back of your teeth as well as the front, top, and sides. The back molars, with limited space around them, provide a good test of whether a brush is too large for you.

Special Options You May Like

People who have dexterity problems may find it easier to use an electronic toothbrush, although some models may be heavier with their batteries than a conventional brush. There are a variety of toothbrush grips that can be slipped on to disposable brushes to make them easier to hold.

Some brushes come with two-minute timers to make it easier to know that you’ve spent the full amount of time recommended giving your teeth a bath.

If you search online, you can find toothbrushes made out of recycled material, as well as biodegradable brushes. While most local recycling programs do not take toothbrushes, you can mail used brushes to a special program for recycling.

In general, soft brushes with smaller heads work well for most people. However, consult with your dentist for the best recommendation tailored to your particular oral health situation.