4 Perfect Gifts for a Friend That is Ill

When friends become ill, there are not many things you can do to help them get their energy back, alleviate the sickness, or take away the aches and pains. There is something you can do to help cheer them up, so why not take the opportunity to give them one of the four special gifts listed below to tell them you care!


Almost everyone loves the sight of a get well cookie bouquet when they are feeling down and miserable. It can bring color into the room, but it can also raise your friend’s spirt and give them something to munch on with a warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.


Whether your friend is at home recuperating or in the hospital, a small cactus in a cute animal planter can bring a smile to his or her face every time they glimpse your thoughtful gift. The little plant makes a perfect present because it can go unattended for weeks on end as your friend recovers from the aches and pains of the illness.


Television can get old, and reading takes too much concentration when you are feeling less than chipper. Why not gift your sick friend with a crossword puzzle, an adult coloring book, or a word search. Not only can he or she work on a page a little at a time, but they can also put the puzzle down and pick it back up at their leisure.


Drinking tea while ill can help alleviate many symptoms and boost your ailing friend’s mood while he or she is sick. The warm liquid can help reduce an aching throat, soothe tired muscles, and ease a headache. Some studies even claim that drinking tea can shorten the length of an illness.

Letting your friend know you care how he or she feels while they are down and out can be as easy as sending them cookies, tea, or a cute plant. Presenting your ailing friend with a book of puzzles can also let him or her know you hope they are feeling better soon.