I Needed to Get Dentures

I did not take very good care of my teeth when I was younger. I was not taught the proper way to care for them, so I probably went days at a time without brushing them. That takes its toll, which is obvious because my teeth were in horrible shape when I finally went to see a dentist in Wollongong about them. I was embarrassed, but I had no choice because of the pain I was in. I was also not able to eat a lot of the foods that I made for my family, and I knew something had to change.

I was not sure that I even had any healthy teeth left in my mouth, so I was surprised when the dentist that I chose told me that he would not have to pull all of them. He said that I could either have some of them repaired and have the rest pulled. I would then be able to get a partial to fit around the teeth that he was able to save. He did tell me that he usually recommends people try to save their teeth when possible, but he said I could go another route as well.

Because there was so much damage, he told me that I could also have all of them removed, and he could fit me with a full pair of dentures for both the upper and lower areas of my mouth. His staff was really great in helping me figure out which one was the most affordable as well, which ended up being the full set of dentures because of the extensive work he would have had to do on the teeth he could have saved. The entire process was very easy and affordable, and I am no longer afraid to show people my teeth. The best part is I can eat a lot of different foods again and I also have no pain!