Different Childbirth Options

Congratulations! You’re pregnant and about to embark on an adventure that will change your life forever. This stage of your life is likely full of wonder and excitement, but is also a time of decision making. You’ve probably chosen a baby name, but there’s one decision that may be looming over you. What is your birth plan? While you should accept that births seldom go exactly according to plan, it’s important to consider your options.

Home Birth

The oldest and most natural method of delivery is a home birth. There are many pros and cons to this method, just as there are for all birthing options. You’ll be surrounded by whomever you desire in the comfort of your home. There will be few interventions, using whatever your midwife, doula or doctor deems fit, and your child will be welcomed into their home at their own timing. There are risks, though, as you may be rushed to the hospital if any serious complications arise.

Water Birth

Through a water birth San Antonio, mothers sit in a warm tub and the child is entered into the world in what some say is the most seamless transition from the amniotic fluid. There are many birthing centers that offer this method of delivery that can be very natural and calm for both mother and child.

Hospital Births

The most common method of delivery is a hospital birth. This offers many variations, ranging from induction to a labor and delivery with no medications or interventions but with the comfort of being in a hospital if something does go wrong. Mothers have the choice to request an epidural to dull the pain and some mothers may even opt for a scheduled c-section.

As a mother, you have the choice to decide how and where you want to give birth (assuming your child doesn’t come early). Consider your options, and feel confident in your decision, but be prepared for the unexpected. Parenthood is full of the unexpected!