New Resin Tooth Fillings Are Amazing

I was eating the ice after finishing my drink on a very hot day. I was just crunching away not thinking about anything particular. A few hours later I ate something sweet and it gave me a twinge of pain in a tooth. I did not think much about it at the time. I have had sensitivity before. Then it started to hurt without eating or drinking anything. I called to get an appointment at a dentist for Wollongong. I was hoping I would not need another root canal.

I went in for my appointment, and the dentist warned me about eating ice. It seems it is not a problem for some folks, but it can cause chips and cracks for some other people. I had a resin filling loosen and a chip happen too. The filling was barely being held in place. It was loose and ready to fall out. Continue reading “New Resin Tooth Fillings Are Amazing”