3 Types of Running Injuries and How To Treat Them

Running is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health, yet many runners are prone to injury because of their active lifestyle. The jarring motion of the foot repeatedly striking the ground can affect your neck, back, and ankles. Here are some of the more common types of injuries and how you can treat them.

1. Spine damage

Every time your foot strikes the ground when running, it places additional pressure on your vertebrae. Over time, this can result in injury or make an existing injury worse. Common spinal injuries include compression fractures and disc damage. Compression fracture treatments include non-surgical procedures like rest, pain medication, and hot and cold therapy. In more severe cases it can involve surgery, either vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty Jacksonville FL. You can treat disc damage with physical therapy, pain relief medicine, and surgery.

2. Ankle Injuries

Multiple ankle injuries can occur when running on roads, including ankle sprains, Achilles Tendinitis, peritendinitis, and an Achilles rupture. The Achilles tendon comes under immense stress when running because of the high tension placed on it and because it gets a limited blood supply. The most common treatment for an ankle injury is putting heat on it, following RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) therapy, pain relief medication, physical therapy, or surgery.

3. Muscle fatigue and strain

If you don’t warm-up properly before a workout, you can strain a muscle. Even with a strict warm-up regimen, you can still experience muscle fatigue if you don’t build rest days into your training. Muscle strain and fatigue can make you feel achy, reduce your mobility, and be sore to touch, but you can ease muscle tightness by keeping hydrated, taking potassium supplements, having a bath with Epsom salts, or booking in for a massage.


With proper treatment and by taking due care when you resume your training program, you can continue to take part in a sport you enjoy.

Services a Family Doctor Will Provide

Are you moving to a new area and need a family physician you can trust? Is it time to choose a new doctor for any other reason? In addition to looking for certain qualities in a medical professional, it’s good to know what types of care your family can receive. The most convenient, reliable doctors provide a full range of services at all stages of life.

Wellness Checkups

You may feel perfectly fine, but it’s still a good practice to see the doctor regularly. At least once a year, you and your children should visit a family doctor Pembroke Pines FL. Wellness appointments monitor patients’ growth and development. These visits also give the doctor the chance to follow up on previous issues and detect underlying conditions and concerns. At these checkups, the doctor will take the person’s vitals and discuss both the individual’s physical and mental health.

Vaccinations and Medication

From the time a baby is born, it’s important to stay on top of immunizations. The doctor will help you remain current on your shots and your children’s vaccinations. Also, if you need to make adjustments to current medications, or if you feel you need medications for other conditions, your doctor can prescribe the right drugs and dosages.

Sick Visits

For serious illnesses and conditions, you should go to urgent care or the emergency room for help. However, you’ll eventually encounter mild but nagging sicknesses. Your family doctor is the right professional to provide relief. The doctor can diagnose and treat problems such as a sore throat, earache, rash, or mild sprain or break. In many cases, you should be able to get a same-day appointment.

For your convenience and health, a good family doctor will offer these services to you and your children. You can get the attention you need for any of these issues and more.

4 Tools To Help You Age in Place

America is graying at a rapid pace. That means an increasing number of older adults who need care or support. If you find yourself among that group, and you want to remain in your own home as you grow older, there are tools available to help you realize that goal.

1. Exercise Classes

Exercising reduces more than your weight. It contributes to positive health outcomes like lower blood pressure, better-controlled blood sugar levels, and less joint pain and inflammation.

Talk to your doctor before you begin any type of new exercise to make sure it is safe and appropriate for your fitness level. Some great ideas are senior classes at local fitness centers, tai chi, and chair yoga.

2. Local Senior Centers

A local senior center can be your lifeline as you age in place. They offer classes to help keep your mind sharp, fitness programs, and the opportunity to spend time with your peers. That is crucial to developing a solid support system that you can count on for sharing ideas, concerns, and adventures.

Senior centers may also offer valuable services like assistance with taxes and Medicare enrollment, support groups, and community lunches or delivery of homebound meals.

3. Mobility Aids and Assistance

There is absolutely nothing wrong or stigmatizing about using a cane or walker. If your doctor has recommended one, you should get fitted and use it. This will lower your risk of falling and help you stay ambulatory within the community. If you have concerns about falling, consider securing home health care services Floral Park NY. Home health aides and physical therapists can work with you to build strength and flexibility.

4. A Home Safety Audit

Scheduling or conducting a home safety audit is also an excellent idea. This tool goes throughout your entire home and yard to identify potential hazards or impediments to aging in place. You may get recommendations to install grab bars, remove loose area rugs, and relocate extension cords or appliances.

Make use of the resources that are available in your community. if you are unsure about where to start, consider contacting a local senior center or the chamber of commerce for advice and direction.

3 Important Qualities To Look For When Hiring Home Care For Seniors

Making the decision to hire an aid for an elderly loved one is not easy. Deciding who to hire to take care of his or her essential needs is harder still. Here are some qualities that you should look for when interviewing home care aids.


One of the most important qualities that someone caring for your elderly loved one should possess is empathy. Choose an at home health care Bethesda MD company that hires people who don’t get easily frustrated and are understanding of your family member’s potential shortcomings. If the person you are interviewing seems cold and out of touch, it is best to move on and look elsewhere.

Experience and Reputation

In the age of the internet, it should be very easy to do your research before you even invite anyone into the home for an interview. Ensure that the agency you choose has a reputation for treating their clients well. Choose a company that has a good reputation, and that also has experience working with people with needs similar to your loved one’s. You should be unwilling to accept anything other than the highest quality of care available.


Ensure that the person you hire is professional, both in appearance and attitude. This is a person who you will be relying upon to care for someone you love when you cannot, so they need to be punctual and take their job seriously. If the aide you are interviewing seems distracted or uncomfortable with the scope of work you are discussing, it will likely not be a good long-term fit.

Coming to terms with a loved one growing older can be emotional and tough. Once you decide to hire some assistance, ensure that you look for these important qualities in whoever you hire, because our elderly family members deserve the best.

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery has been around for decades, but many people only have a vague or broad idea of what it is, and what services it can provide. From weight-loss to anti-aging measures to medical reconstructions, we’ll look at common cosmetic surgery Durham NC procedures.

Reconstructive Surgery

A common misconception is that plastic surgery exists just to make the person who’s receiving it feel better about their appearance. While it certainly can do that, consider for a moment that some patients are recovering from accidents, surgeries, or other medical issues that may have altered their appearance. Burn victims or skin cancer survivors may need tissue work done to get back to their former appearance. Breast cancer survivors may wish to have a removed breast rebuilt after a mastectomy. A person involved in a car accident may have a broken nose or crushed orbital socket. These are all potential cosmetic surgery Durham NC cases for reconstruction.

Cosmetic Surgery

For people who want to mitigate the signs of aging on their face and skin, cosmetic surgery Durham NC can provide several treatments. Botox injections can reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, while traditional lifts can be performed to tighten faces, breasts, arms, chins, thighs, and more.

Weight Loss and Body Contouring Surgery

For people who want to have fat removed or decrease the appearance of weight gain, liposuction (in which fat is removed from the body), or tummy tucks are options that may yield results. The same principles can be applied to the chin, neck, or chest area.

Plastic surgery is performed by highly trained, licensed medical professionals. Their talents can yield life-changing results, but most importantly, they are committed to ensuring their patients’ safety. Cosmetic surgery is a means to improve quality of life for those who undergo it, regardless of the circumstances that lead them towards it.